GEKKAN BIJUTSU PLUS is the EC site introducing the artworks by young artists,
operated by Sun Art Co., Ltd, the publisher of the monthly art magazine "GEKKAN BIJUTSU".

Since March 20th, a new line up has shown up! Buy the art you're interested in!
If you order from outside Japan, please contact us (take a look at “Inquiries” below).

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"GEKKAN BIJUTSU PLUS" is an EC site introducing the artworks mainly created by young artists.

Sun Art Co., Ltd. publishes a monthly art magazine, "GEKKAN BIJUTSU". (Japanese only)

The artworks here include not only the ones awarded in the competition of "The Yong Artist's Debut Award” sponsored by us, but also the latest or recent works by the promising young artists.

You can buy those artworks at reasonable prices on this website.

As a set of new artworks will be uploaded every few months, you’d better check our site constantly before they are sold out!



If you have any questions about the artworks out of sales or else, please feel free to contact us.

For inquiries about "The Young Artist's Debut Award", please contact us via the email address below.

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